batterie low message


what happends if during a planed mission the battery low message force me to go down and change the battery. The planed fly will continu at the point it stopped ?


Que se passe-t-il si une mission planifiée doit être interrompue à cause d’une nécessité de changement de batterie. La mission reprend-elle automatiquement au point d’arrêt ?



Hi Serge,

Pix4Dcapture does not overwrite the safety procedures defined in DJI GO and when low battery warning appears the mission will stop. 

There are actually some settings in DJI GO (4) to define, like the remaining battery percentage and distance to the home point that will trigger the drone to automatically come back. Typically, our app shows a pop-up when the battery reaches 20% and the remote controller emits a sound but this value can be changed in DJI GO to suit your need.

To answer your question, depending on the version you use the procedure will be the following:

  • (Android) Although there is no distinct feature for resuming a mission that cannot be completed entirely because it was aborted or interrupted by taking over manual control, the incomplete portion is saved (a smaller grid mission with the remaining lines is created) so that it can be flown later e.g. after changing the battery or waiting for flying conditions to change (learn more). 
  • (iOS) The remaining mission can be flown from the last acquired image by pressing the Resume button.

As a side note, we recommend Aborting/ Pausing the mission before the low warning message is displayed in order to be sure that there is enough battery to land the drone safely.


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