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Information about mapping strawberry/potato fields with MicaSense RedEdge MX

Hello everyone,

I need some advice about mapping strawberry and potato fields. Missions are separated and not in the sametime for your information. I use a MicaSense RedEdge MX and if I read the documentation I have to keep a forward overlap value of 75%. So if I plan to flight at 60m atltitude with a speed of 5 m/s, my GSD will be 4.17 and my cross overlap 75. Is true my distance between track need to be 13.33m ?

By experience who have different settings to save flight time without to compromise quality ?

Hi Steeve,

I hope you are doing great. Here are some general tips for your flights (Might change depending on your applications):

  • When using Pix4Dfields we recommend getting 80% side and frontal overlap. I have seen good results with less overlap up to 60%, but I would suggest the 80% be sure.
  • Taking nadir images, using a single grid, and a flight altitude between 60 and 100m normally gives good results. I would suggest not to fly lower than 60meters, and then you can adjust this depending on the GSD you would like to get. We have a nice tool to estimate this: TOOLS - GSD calculator – Support
  • This article will give you insights into the time when you can fly and best practices: Best practices: Collecting Data with MicaSense Sensors – MicaSense Knowledge Base
  • If you are taking different missions, I will ensure you also have overlap within flights. I would suggest you attempt to have a 60% overlap between the edges of each submission.

We are not sure where do you see or how did you get the 13.33m value. Usually, this distance is automatically set up based on the altitude and overlap.

Let us wait for the feedback of our users who are continuously collecting data on the field. They can give more insights based on their experience. Would help them if you say which drone and app are you using to collect the data.

Hi Fernanda,
Thanks to replied me. About the 13.33m is from the Flight Calculator | MicaSense. When using this calculator and set a 80m AGL and 75% both forward overlap/cross overlap I get 13.33 m for the distance beetween the capture and 17.78 for Distance between track. To be able to set my flight planner I use this calculator tools to be able to set the right value for M.

My other problems I have with Pix4Dfields is about the calibration. With micasense camera we have a calibration pannel and I found nothing in Pix4Dfields to give me to possiblity to upload my calibration panel photos taken at the beginning and after my fligh mission.


About the images of the panel, I suggest you take (3 sets before the flight, 3 sets after flight) in case some images are overexposed, you can use the others.

In Pix4Dfields, you can import those images along with the rest of the dataset. The software will scan those images and will show you the following message if the images are found:

About the data acquisition (13.33m ) maybe another user can share with us their experience.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Fernanda, now I know that the calibration panel is used automatically when import. I was not seeing the confirmation message before. Thanks

If I have asked about the calibration panel is about a problem I have. I have imported my dataset with calibration photos before and after the flight. I have generated the default orthomosaic and I am able to see a look like corrected photo. But when I use the orthomosaic and I create a new boundary and I select the trim option, the orthomosaic rendering is not the same. I use the UI tools to create a polygon.

Default orthomosaic

Boundary trim from the default orthomosaic

Default orthomosaic zoom

Boundary zoomed trim from the default orthomosaic

Hi steeves, that’s just a visual effect in fields and does not change any of the band values. You data is still fine and you can go ahead with your analysis :slight_smile: