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Indoor Mapping: Memorial Hall - Hans Christian Andersen Museum by Ken Varner - Vaireco GmbH

Hi all,

Today’s #3Dmonday spotlight is on an indoor mapping project.

Ken Varner from Vaireco GmbH 3D mapped the Memorial Hall of the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

Explore it and discover the 8 Larsen Stevns’ frescoes illustrating Hans Christian Andersen’s life:

Sketchfab link: 

_“_I used a Nikon D3100 with the following specs:

- 14.2 Megapixels

- 23.1 mm x 15.4 mm sensor

- fixed the lens at 22 mm focal length

The project consists of ~450 images.

I manually enhanced some of the images to lighten the shadows and sharpen the colors as I have found this to improve Pix4D’s ability to model properly and expose more detail.*  

The only manual work that was involved with Pix4D was the addition of 21 Manual Tie Points to get some of the cameras to align correctly.  I had to spend only about 10 minutes cleaning the point cloud.” Ken Varner - Vaireco GmbH

*Pix4D reminds you that the geometry of the images should not be changed.

Enjoy it, and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D Team


Waoo Veronica  pretty impressive for me. I love it.

I am so interested in knowing a little bit about you and your work, I am an Architect  and I have lots to learn from you and will  greatly appreciate if you help me out to know about your Technic.

Can I get your E-mail so I can contact you regarding your work?

My e-mail is

Thank you so much for sharing your work.



Hi Javier, thank you for your message. I will contact you by email.