Incorrect volume calculation in pix4Dsurvey

Hello gentlemen. I would like to inform you about the problem of calculating the volume of objects located above the ground.
I wanted to count the internal volume of the tank located on the columns. After marking the area, the volume is calculated from the ground and not inside the tank. please help me

Hi @tgut.biuro,

Thank you for your request.
The problem might be related with the position of the base volume polygon.

Can you please provide a screenshot here showing the tank and your volume polygon?

If you don’t want to share your project images publicly, feel free to open a support ticket here:

this is a similar example, the volume of a truck’s tub
I want to calculate the volume inside and the program to count from the ground

Hi @tgut.biuro,

Thank you for the screenshot. This was very helpful in understanding.
You placed the polygon at the top of the tank/container. Therefore, the volume tool will measure everything below it (nothing above).

The volume polygon must be placed at the base of the volume you want to measure.
Here is a small diagram of what is happening here:

  • Top: schematic representation of volumes
  • Center: your situation
  • Bottom: ideal situation

You will need to read the cut volume.

To get the base volume at the correct elevation, you need to select each vertex of the volume polygon (1) and manually change the height (2):


Let me know if this helps you.