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Importing Tie points from xyz Autocad position


On a project I have a DWG drawing drawn by a geometer.

I’d like to extract some of the xy and z data to import them as manual tie points into Pix4D.

I have something like

position X 5018.6287

position Y 2483.2879

position Z 20.9767

How can I convert these data into WGS84 UTM32N ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards




Hi Dominique,

Without knowing the origins of the drawing’s coordinate system, no conversion is possible. Should the drawing be predicated upon an arbitrary system, you’ll first need to georectify it.



I agree, but in this case I knew the drawing was georeferenced.

And for your information I did it: I noted a set of 25 points in x,y and z , then exported them, checked if they were correct and thanks to geofree converted them to wgs84.

The final orthomosaïc - once in Autocad Cicil 3D and aligned with GEOREFIMG - was exactly superimposed onto the original geometer’s drawing. That means - I think - the way I did it was correct.


Kind regads



Good to hear.

FYI - Another reference for free transformation: