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Convert from (x, y, z) coordinates to WGS84

I have used REST API for creating a project and starting processing, so, I suppose, processing parameters were default. All images were with GPS location. Everything went correct and I got point cloud and all outputs for it. In the point cloud, all points have (X, Y, Z) coordinates, where Z coordinate coincides with elevation, that I can see in the web-version of Pix4D Mapper. I have explored the documentation, but I didn’t understand, how can I get WGS coordinates from my (X, Y, Z)? If Z coordinate is the altitude, so why X and Y aren’t latitude and longitude? Is there some approach to convert (X, Y, Z) to (latitude, longitude, altitude)? Or, at least, how can I check project coordinate system? 

Hello Talon,

In order to give you a detailed answer, would you please open a support ticket by clicking on “Contact Support” in our support site?

Thank you very much.