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Determining Point Elevation in P4D Desktop

I was wondering if anyone knew how to determine the elevation of a specific point in the point cloud or mesh models in Pix4D desktop.

I’m trying to determine the error between the drone survey and a NOAA geodetic marker within the survey area that has known GPS coordinates and elevation. I also use Global Mapper but am unsure how to do it in that software as well.


Right panel displays coordinates.

 There is also an active cursor location in the bottom right hand corner of the program, just like in Google Earth.  As you move your cursor around the point cloud the coordinates and elevation are displayed in the bottom right hand corner.

Gary is also correct in that if you actively click a point in the point cloud and have the Right Panel displayed it will show the coordinates and elevation of the point you clicked.

Great, thanks.

Do you also happen to know what datum Pix uses to calculate elevation of the model? Looks like WGS84 is the default but when I compare the elevation of the geodetic marker to the drone survey, the marker is 32 meters lower than the drone survey. That seems too far off to be just error. 

What kind of a drone are you using for collecting your images?  DJI drones present issues with accurate elevation information when processed in Pix4D.  See the thread I started a while ago called ‘Negative Elevation Values’ where a DJI Support agent describes the issue with DJI drones and how they handle elevation.

I’m using the Inspire 2. I wasn’t aware of the issue with DJI accuracy.

How has the Inspire 2 been performing, I have one on the way.  Are you using the X4S camera?

Sorry for the delayed response. It’s an amazing tool. Yes, the X4S seems to be working well - I don’t think there is a need for an X5S unless you’re shooting for cinematic purposes. Even the X4S produces stunning 4k video and we did purchase a filter set that makes shooting in bright conditions a little better. The I2 is incredibly easy and responsive to fly and is definitely a huge step up from the Phantom series and even the previous I1. 

By the numbers the X4s look very tasty, but I don’t have any first hand experience with one.

FWTW my experience with I2 in restricted airspace has not been good, funny thing is getting COA approvals fast than DJI codes to operate in those area.

I am sure I’m doing it wrong…how about anyone else!!!