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Manual Tie Points: UTM


When adding Manual Tie Points: Is it possible to enter “raw” data as my GPS provides Easting,Northing(,Height) data (UTM)?

Or how can I convert these UTM to Lat, Long(, Elev)?

It would be nice it the choice was aviable within Pix4D Mapper (if it is not: I didn’t find it)

Thank you in advance

Kind regards



Hello Dominique,

The first step is probably to select the coordinate system corresponding to your GPS measurements. Then you will not need to convert the coordinates, simply select the right datum:

By adding manual tie points (MTPs) and entering their GPS coordinates you probably meant inserting ground control points (GCPs).
For that we have different step by step procedure to add and mark the GCPs (using the Basic Editor or the rayCloud).
You will find more information here:

Best regards,

Thank you