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Importing Georeferenced overlay

When using the import overlay function in the advanced cloud I would like to see the platform use the World File (georeference file) which is attached to my Jpeg.

This way my overlay is immediatly placed in the correct place instead of my having to use the 2 cross airs to get the position of the overlay approximately right.

This would be a great asset and improvement, as the overlay data is then correctly placed.
If the ortho photo’s can be imported this way, why not the overlayes?

Hi @rpas.dmow ,

Thank you for describing part of your use case. Do you have an example Jpeg with World file so that I can pass it to the product team for testing? If you prefer to avoid sharing such file on the Community, let me know so that I can find a different solution :slight_smile:

thank you, please provide me with different solution, i cannot upload in community