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Mosaic not Georeferenced

PIX4D seems to randomly decide whether or not to georeference generated mosaics. The individual tiles are referenced, but the merged mosaic is not. I generate both transparent and non transparent. Is there an obscure setting that I am not aware about that ensures the mosaic is georeferenced?
I use GCPs and fly an Aeryon Skyranger with a the Aeryon HDZoom30 camera.
This is getting tiresome. Even though I have a computer specifically built for PIX4D, my projects do take a few hours to process and therefore can’t waste any more time reprocessing whole projects in hopes of finding the problem.
I attached a picture of the mosaic/dsm processing options selected as well as the properties display window for the trans and non transparent mosaics. The third properties display window is from a mosaic that IS georeferenced. Notice all the data that is missing?
Also, notice the 20GCPs in the project.
Any help would be appreciated.

Dear Christopher

We see that some information is not present in the Properties, however they have to do with the image properties rather than the georeferencing. Are these orthomosaics also missing georeferencement?

Some time ago, we have sent you a request for some additional files on ticket 23225 so that we can investigate this issue. We will be able to start investigating once we receive those files. 

Best regards

Those are the properties for the mosaics. All images have been taken with the same drone/camera setup. They are all RGB and I also implement GCP’s
The best way to do this would be to let you have access to my computer via teamviewer or other similar program.
These are very large data sets and the failing orthos seem to be random/intermittent. I have plenty of practice with this program so I don’t think it is a PROCESSING OPTIONS setting error.
Would a teamvierer appointment at your convenience be possible?

If not, I will try to upload the data your requested.

Thank you


Hello Christopher,

The georeference of the orthomosaic is done with the two files accompanying the tiff, the tfw and the prj files: the prj file contains information about the coordinate system of the model (both if it is a known coordinate system or an arbitrary coordinate system) and the tfw file contains the coordinates of the upper left pixels and the size of the pixels. You can find more information here:

You can try opening the orthomosaic in a GIS software, like ArcGIS, Global Mapper, QGIS, etc, and see if you can see the expected coordinates when you hover over the orthomosaic. If so, the model is correctly georeferenced.

Best regards,