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Georeferencing distorting model



I would like to ask you for information about georeferencing.
With pix4d I was able to reconstruct an orthophoto, but when I apply georeferencing to the project the resulting orthophoto is distorted.

How is it possible?
Am I doing something wrong?

Waiting for your answer.


Best regards.

Hi Federica,


Could you please post here the quality report of your project and some screenshot of the distorted orthomosaic so we can better understand in the issue? 


By georeferencing are you referring to adding GCPs?




Hi Ina,


I am having the same problem.  Have you made any headway with this?  Happy to provide my quality report.  Also happy to start a new topic if you prefer.




Hello Aaron,

Please share the Quality Repot and some screenshots of the distortions.

Thank you very much.