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Georeferencing - no 3D GCP

Good morning, 

i’m new here with Pi4dmapper so my question is a little bit basic but i can’t solve this problem so i want to ask you how can i solve this problem. Everytime when i want to start my project and import my images choose my coordinate system etc the warning with no Georeferencing no 3D GCP cames in. and when i’m ignoring this warning and doing the triangulation with my imported GCP’s in GCP editor my GCP’s are in the ray cloud editor somewhere in the air. This is because of the failed georeferencing i think. How can i do the Georeferencing in the images? Where is the Problem? Can someone help me :( 

After you mark the GCP’s, you will need to reoptimize the Model.  The Model will be shifted up so that it’s surface lies on the GCP’s. 

The images are usually geolocated with the Altitude above Ground for the Z value in the EXIF data.  Reoptimizing after marking the GCP’s corrects this by moving the model to match the Control.