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GeoPDF Error


Is it possible that there is a bug with the import of a geoPDF?

Some months ago it was possible to import a geopdf, but now Pix4d Cloud doesn’t recognise the scale and coördinates from the geoPDF…




you can import the PDF file. However, at the moment, you still need to define and align the markers during the Overlay addition process, even if the PDF is georeferenced.

Sorry Alice but that isn’t a solution.

The flow with the markers is very inaccurate. When you want to deliver quality you can not define a geolocation on sight.

2 things should be changing asap :

  • Export annotations to pdf
  • import DWG/DXF overlay - NOT pdf

Kind regards,


Thanks Gregory for your feedback.

How would you use GeoPDF annotations? In which software do you need to export them?

I don’t understand your questions ?

Please forget “geopdf”. an export to a normal PDF should be possible for the annotations that are maked ( lengths, polygon, volumes,…)

and import of DWG/DXF - autocad files as overlay


So you refer to a report including all the annotations and their measurements, is this correct?

yes, that would be an improvement

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hello Alice any insights yet on the importing of DWG/DXF ?

Also I think that a geoJpeg would be a welcommed addition.
the World File attached should immediatly place it in the right place instead of using the marker which make the imports inaccurrate or it takes a lot of time/ effort and frustration the get it spot on.