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Add coordinates point in Cloud Pix4D viewer and charge shapefile

Hi all,

Would be great and helpful if you can put your know coordinates in the mosaic viewer of cloud Pix4D as a point and charge shapefile in the webmap. For now we have a marker point to export but not for import.



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Hi Jimmy,

thanks for your feedback! This feature does not exist yet. We’ll take it into consideration for future development of the cloud.


@Jimmy, thanks for your feedback!

We are planning to soon release the possibility to import GeoJSON into the 2D/3D web viewer - would that help for your use case? Direct import of SHP and DXF will potentially come in the future.


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I’m in the same point .  It should be great to have the possibility to upload some kind of DWG, DXF or shapefile  file to share into the model into the project coordinate system.  Also, I was be able to see in another similar platforms it is possible upload XML to get quantities comparing the initial XML with the model generated. This should be a very good improvement for Pix4D BIM.

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@ Mattia Cugini

We are also very interested in this capability. Will it be possible to toggle these layers on and off and choose a fill colour/ display these vector features as is currently possible in the raycloud?