Images Geotagged degree, minutes, seconds will load in Pix4D matic, but works in Pix4D Mapper

mages Geotagged degree, minutes, seconds will work in Pix4D matic, but works in Pix4D Mapper. Why is this and is their a work around?

Hi @conor

In your description you seem to say that it works in both. I assume that’s not what you wanted to say?

Do you refer to Omega, Phi, Kappa values for orientation of input images? If that’s the case, indeed, we do not support this in PIX4Dmatic yet. We support the Yaw, Pitch, Roll format. Do you have a way to export that with your images?

If I misunderstood the question, please provide more information and examples. Thanks!

I did not have the correct words in title so i closed card. Basically Pix4DMapper recognizes images, but Pix4Dmatic does not. Matic has been running every other dataset and processing no problem. Gimbal angle was removed for the test we are doing, but we processed without gimbal angle in EXIF before with no issues. Can add gimbal angle back in if that is what causes the issue.

Figured out the issue. During this particular test they also removed the camera parameter metadata tag which once added back solved the problem.

Thanks for clarifying, happy it works again!