How to match and aircraft (orientation) metadata with a non recognized camera in PIX4D Matic

Hi guys, I need some help with Pix4D Matic. I have a big amount of data (up to 10,000 photos) collected from an aircraft that I need to process in one project and looks like Pix4D matic is the most suitable to use. The problem is that the camera Nikon D810 mounted in the plane is not recognized by the software so I don’t have orientation metadata. If I run the data in Pix4D mapper it works but only up to 2,000 images.
Guys do you know any method to extract and match the aircraft metadata with the camera using the time? how can I get the missing columns (Yaw, Pitch, Roll)?

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Hi, it looks like you posted the question twice, so I’m adding the link to your other post below where someone provided one answer. We can continue discussions there so that we have all in one place.

thanks for your reply however what I am looking is to make work the NikonD810 in Pix4D Matic to run one project and not several projects. If I have to run in several project which is the difference with Pix4Dmapper?

I assume that the support representative was referring to trying this in PIX4Dmapper.

As for making it work in PIX4Dmatic, do you have orientation data of the camera? or only of the plane? do you know the angles between the camera set up and the plane? Do you have time stamps for the images and the orientation data of the plane? This will help understand the context.

Maybe someone on the community who had a similar issue might be able to comment afterwards.