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Image properties Table


am processing large multiple images(above 50,000 Images) with pix4d without GCPs and have splited them into smaller sub projects for easy processing. So I would like to know  if changing Vertical and horizontal accuracies to one common overall accuracy value, (say for example 0.5m for Horz, and 1m for Vert) would help improve the results and enable me to have a good constructed model without  shifts at the end. 



Hello John,

There is an article which explains the workflow to merge projects. You can find it here.

If you want to merge several projects, the recommendation is to have GCPs. Otherwise, you will have to measure manual tie points to connect the different blocks.

As for your question, by default the geotag accuracy is set to 5 m for X,Y and 10 m for the height. Unless that you have RTK/PPK geotags, I would not change it. It would not help to the project.