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Horizontal and Vertical accurancy on Pix4d

hi support.

Just want to ask what the use of the vertical and horizontal accuracy at image properties editor window?

the default value is 5m for horizontal and 10m vertical, when i change this value, it will give the result of RMS error…and what the standard value that suitable to use to process the photo.

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Hi Hulwan,

The accuracy that you set in the Image Properties Editor - Image Geolocations depend on the actual accuracy of the image geolocation and is, typically, defined as the accuracy of the GPS unit on the drone. 

There are 3 options:

  • Standard : Useful when having very accurate image geolocation. Sets the values to:

    • Accuracy Horz: 5m.
    • Accuracy Vert: 10m.
  • Low : Useful when having non accurate image geolocation. Sets the values to:

    • Accuracy Horz: 50m.
    • Accuracy Vert: 100m.
  • Custom : Allows to set other values or edit the accuracy of each individual image or of a group of images.

The higher the accuracy numerical value (m or ft), the less influence the image’s coordinates will have in the_ Initial Processing _compared to other images or GCPs with lower accuracy numerical values (m or ft). The accuracy is a value between 0.001 and 10’000.