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I can't download images from the project missions in the cloud anymore.

Hi guys, 
I have downloaded missions with 120 max images, and now it seems that it’s not possible to download new missions which were uploaded yestarday, what can I do?

Hello Alessandro,

which version of Capture are you using? iOS or Android?


Hi Mattia,
I don’t have the iPad with me right now, anyways, this is iOS…
I have downloaded the images straight from the software, and it worked well. But I still don’t understand why this happens in the cloud.
Thanks you man!

Dear Alessandro,

We’re happy to hear that you found a solution and that you were able to download the images. Anyway, you should be able to download your images directly from the cloud if you’re using the latest Pix4Dcapture for iOS version (1.4.0). 

There’s a small communication issue between our cloud platform and previous Pix4Dcapture for iOS versions that is preventing to generate the ZIP archive that contains the input images, but it will be fixed soon.

Hope this helps,