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I am having issues getting results while using the trial pro - nothing shows up on map view

Testing this software for NDIV data. Cannot get them to position on the map.

I have 43 images each from a Gopro4 and a MAPIR NIR. I’m working with only one set until I can get the mapping to workout 1st.

The photos stitch together just fine but will never appear on the map. Since they are not geotaged I’m having issues setting GCP/Manual control points. I have GPS cords for 5 different locations on a 10 acre test field. I’ve tried different coordinate systems. Imported a GCP file. The cords are from google maps.

NE Colvert,41.247677,-83.189468,0
Telephone pole,41.247662,-83.192217,0
far West barn NE,41.248121,-83.195003,0
East back shed NW,41.248272,-83.188713,0
South big build NW,41.247311,-83.189391,0

I’ve called these 2GP, tie


When I open up the  kml files it position it around  39°27’5.04"N  89°28’27.84"W

I flew these from a Solo using a timed shot. I know there are several other methods/UAS/sensors but how do I get this one to work


Thanks Burke

In the tie point manager I tried 3d &2d GCP, Manual Tie Point, Control Points

Using GCPs when the images are not geolocated is a bit more involved. One cannot only import a file, as the software would not know where to tie the GCPs in the images. You can have a look at this page, and if you can process the project first, I would recommend Method B as it is more user-friendly.

Moreover, when taking the coordinates from a Map Service such as Google Maps, it is important to note that the accuracy can be poor. It is therefore important to set the accuracy to something like 10m. This will allow to software to optimize correctly and not trust the GPS coordinates too much. You can see more about the accuracy parameter here

Finally, another point to take into account is that geolocation with only 2d coordinates is not the same as with 3d coordinates. You can obtain 3D coordinates following the instructions here

If you can only obtain 2d coordinates, we have an article specifically for this.

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