How to switch drones / Mavic Pro Platinium

When I first got started with the Pix4d capture app it asked what kind of drone I would be using. I chose my Phantom 4 pro. Now I’ve decided I would like to use my Mavic Pro Platinum. Where can I change this in the App?

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Hi Perry,

The drone can be selected in the general setting of the app. More here: (Android) General settings and (iOS) General settings.

I would also recommend you to check the other sections of the Mobile knowledge base as they contain a lot of useful articles: 


Hi Blaž at Pix4D.

I don’t want to disrupt Perry’s post, but in this post is the only reference about DJI Mavic Pro Platinum here.

Would you please confirm me Pix4Dcapture App will work with DJI Mavic Pro Platinum?

As far as I know the difference is a quieter flight and extended time aloft (Improved ESC, motors and propellers) compared to DJI Mavic Pro.

The best and thank you!


We have not tested the compatibility of the DJI Mavic Pro Platinium. with Pix4Dcapture. It is then not officially supported and we can not guarantee that it will work.

However, having a closer look at the differences between the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Pro Platinium, it is mainly the autonomy which has been increased and the noise reduced.

Then, I would expect it to work properly with Pix4Dcapture by selecting the Mavic Pro. Don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback if you plan a mission using the Mavic Pro Platinium.

Hello Gaël @Pix4D and thank you for your reply.

We are planning to test and use the Mavic Pro Platinum due improved time aloft and quietness for engineering and construction practices in our city.

It will be very interesting to share experiences between Pix4Dcapture and this new DJI Mavic Pro version.

The best.

Hello Perry.

Please let us know kindly when possible, about your experience using Pix4Dcapture and the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

The best and thank you in advance!

We successfully tested the Mavic Pro Platinum over the weekend with 2 mission flights on diffrent locations. Simply select the model DJI Mavic Pro and fly. Before, a connection to the app DJI + CTRL must exist. the rest works automatically as seen in the demo videos.

Wir haben die Mavic Pro Platinum am Wochenende erfolgreich mit 2 Missionsflügen getestet. Einfach DJI Mavic Pro auswählen und fliegen. Vorher muss eine Verbindung zur App DJI+CTRL existieren. der Rest funktioniert automatisch wie in den ganzen Demo Videos zu sehen ist.

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Here a link to the first project:


Thank you Christian.

Very kind to share your experience with the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and the first project.

I was checking your project and I found there are might have focusing issues and unfortunatly in random images I inspected are not sharp.

And maybe the problem persists til the platinum version.

The best.