how to maintain constant altitude

i’m using pix4d capture with mavic 2 pro in android system.
I’m often working on very steep slopes in forest and mountain field. I noticed that the drone keeps the height constant only from the Home and not from the ground. Is it possible to set a constant height from the ground?
I mean as in " flight following the terrain elevation variation" page:
best regards

Hi Yuri. Thanks for reaching out to the Pix4D community. Capture does not have terrain following so you need to break flights into multiple levels as described in the article. There are other flight applications that do have terrain following and the images will work with mapper no problem.

Are there any plans on introducing Terrain Follow to the P4D Capture flight software? I see DD now has it, as does Map Pilot.

Hi there. Currently this feature is not in development for Pix4D capture.