Terrain Awareness

One of the most important feature in my honest opinion is the possibility to follow the real terrain surface at the same distance. The world is not flat.


Unless some other magic happens, I agree!

Uniform pixel/GSD is very important, someday soon!

Hi Antonio,

I like the idea. Please make sure to also add it in the Pix4Dcapture feature request post: https://community.pix4d.com/t/3323 

For others reading this post, feel free to upvote Antonio’s idea to show your support :slight_smile:

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Yes, I support this as i’ve had a number of hilly sites to survey, and will have more in the future.

The Mavic Pro has as a terrain following function so it should not be that hard (I imagine…) to create flight paths for aerial mapping that would follow the terrain.

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Yes, this is definitely an important feature to have. I have been struggling a lot to properly survey steep mountain areas with Phantom drones. Our experience with Emotion (from sensefly) has been quite excelent, but this only works for eBee drones.

Please bring this feature in Pix4D Capture soon.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your feedback. I have reported your need as a suggestion for future development of our app. It seems like the feature is among the top requests, but it is not in the pipeline at the moment. We all agree this feature would be a great addition to capture. You can also follow this post: https://community.pix4d.com/t/3865-Pix4D-Capture-Follow-the-Terrain-option-REQUEST


Hi Montanu,

I crashed my Anafi into a tree today because terrain following is still not functional in Pix4D Capture. This thread started in 2017. It is almost mid 2019. Any feedback?



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Hi Etienne, 

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there has been no update regarding this feature and it is still not in our timeline. 


@Kapil You can’t tell ever the same: “no update regarding this feature in timeline”: This is my third year of subscription to upgrade and support so until now I’ve spent 6500+1950 euro and you say “it is not in our timeline”?

Hi Antonio, 

I do understand your dissatisfaction. However, just to let you know, Pix4Dcapture is a free app, and anyone could download it without purchasing the Pix4Dmapper license or the valid support and upgrades.

We are trying our best to prioritize the feature request and work on it. Terrain awareness feature isn’t at the top of the implementing list. For now, I would recommend you to try the third parties software such as Map Pilot, etc. which includes Terrain awareness. 

If you are using Pix4Dmapper to analyze the data, for such a scenario, you could use any mapping software and still analyze the data using Pix4Dmapper software.

@Kapil You are are right when say “Pix4DCapture is a free app”, but it is yours: no other software house can implement it except you, isn’t it? Second: a few years ago you were proud to announce the OSX version of Pix4Dmapper Pro and I trusted in Pix4D buying a perpetual license, first, and three subscriptions to upgrades and support, hoping a new OSX version. Since your last 3.0.18 OSX upgrade nothing happened and at the moment that is your last OSX version (while the last Win version is the 4.4.12): I think that my contribute of 650 euro/year to the development of a new OSX version is enough or not? Are there any other who spends such a sum and have the same fidelity and trust as mine? 


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@Antonia. Pix4Dcapture is the app associated with Pix4D and I already notified that it’s not in our priority list for now. There has been a lot of improvement in the features and capabilities of Pix4D products, you could read about it in the following article, Pix4D Desktop preview and technical release notes

We are always happy to have the users like you who are using our products and regularly providing the feedback which is very useful for us.

I dont see how terrain awareness is not at the very top of your implementing list. Its crucial for a flight planning software!

Hi Goran,

Thank you for your feedback/suggestion. Your interest has been shared with the developer’s team and any update will be published through this page.


I would like to toss in my support to push this to the top of the list.

I am pulling my hair out trying to find a solution that will work to do terrain mapping in a smooth way.

I can’t use a number of other products as our site is far away from any data connection and is above 60 degrees north in latitude.

Our company has 10+ licenses and we operate out of 5 locations in the Americas.

@patrick.potter : you are right and my idea was published only two years ago. It is a pity to pay 650 euros / year and be told that it is not such an important function in our priorities IMHO. Why I have to pay such a sum if my suggestions are neglected?