How to import Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK files (.obs, .nav) in Matic to process the data?

I have flown and captured data using RTK module and connected to Emlid RS2+. I want to know how to incorporate the .nav and .obs files to get output. How do we get to know processing software has used the RTK file data and generated output. Is there anything that mentioned about the use of RTK data in the quality report.

You don’t need to use those navigation files at all. The images should have been already georeferenced. Check your image properties window and it should look something like this:

And remember if you need to use orthometric heights you need to adjust correctly because the drone records ellipsoidal heights.

EDIT: I didnt notice that this was posted on P4Dmatic forum.

I do not have Mapper. Is there a way to check the error in Pix4D Matic.

I think i have not framed the question properly. Post processing the RTK data, how can I see the accuracy of Orthomsaic in the Quality report. @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler

@rayavarapunani how do you usually check accuracy?

Usually, the accuracy checks happen during the calibration with Checkpoints that were measured on the ground. This will give you an independent check on your results. Checkpoints are displayed on the 2D view too, so this could help you check visually if they’re at the right place as well. The latter could be done in QGIS too for example.

Otherwise, an accuracy metric could be the deviations from the initial geolocations of the images (RTK) to the optimized ones. This is not in the quality report yet, but we plan to add it this year still, exactly for the reason of helping assess accuracy of RTK projects.

In general, if you have RTK geotags in your images, these are read and taken into account by the software. Something to make this more transparent would be to have an image list like @Jaakko_Laihola mentioned from PIX4Dmapper, this will definitely be added eventually. Another more visual approach could be to have accuracy ellipsoids on the images in the 3D view, that way you can easily check if there are outliers and then take appropriate measure on these cameras.

Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler . Thanks for the reply. Client wants to see the accuracy corrections. That was the point of this thread. Thanks for clarifying Matic is going to add this feature to their quality reports.