Feature Request: Quality Report in Matic to Mention RTK data vs Non-RTK data

Hi, I have recently processed RTK data in Matic. In the quality report, not a mention of the image corrections that were done by RTK data is there. I used M3E for flying with Emlid RS2+ to connect for RTK. Client really wants to know difference of accuracy between PPK and RTK data. If the quality report doesn’t even mention what type of data it processed, it’s difficult to convince them. Please add this feature ASAP.

Hi @rayavarapunani

I would suggest that you name your project something like: “Project-RTK” and “Project-PPK”. That way you have it in the title. Then, if you want to compare the accuracy of both methods, I suppose you have a set of reference Checkpoints that are there to measure the accuracy of both projects, right? Then you could show the accuracy differences through that.

Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler . Here in India, Client always wants GCP’s collected through STATIC method (a minimum of 30 mins observation) if I have to use PPK. If I am using RTK, i can avoid the GCP route and save a lot of time. But the client says he wants the see the images corrections done and how much was it off so he can let me go with RTK module from now on. In case of PPK i only get MRK file along with images. But for RTK, i want to see what .obs and .nav did and if i can see something like below, where the data is corrected, it would be appreciated.

Would the cameras table in PIX4Dmatic be enough for that? All the accuracies of each image are displayed there.

Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler . Have a suggestion. When we load the images to the magic, would you add a Dialogue box that asks if the data is PPK or RTK. If we select RTK, then in the report it will appear as a Row that says DATA TYPE : RTK… Just a suggestion. what do you think?

It would make it easy to create “fake” reports, no? Although I see your point, if it’s correctly applied it makes sense. I’m thinking more something around the line of showing position accuracies or deviations of the images in the quality report, so that you can see it’s really small and hence likely RTK or PPK data. What do you think?

Yep, You’re right, Mr. @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler . Relying on peoples integrity and generating output is a big risk to the reputation of the software itself. I really hope you bring position accuracies and deviations. That will make the report perfect. Thanks for thinking about a solution. Hope to see the solution soon…

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