How to export volume report in latest version - 1.58.3


How do you export the volume measurement PDF report in the latest version? I don’t have an export button in the top right of the screen. Also - when I export under the file menu, all it does it export a LAS or LAZ.

Any ideas? I’m trying to reach their tech support to no avail.


Hello rob2

As volume layers no longer exist, now volumes are contained in vector layers.


Now all geometries can be exported from the export panel in the layers section. Depending on the output file selected, the type of geometries to be exported changes.

In order to export the volumes, you must export the Layers that contain them.

  1. Go to the export section and select Layers
  2. Select pdf as the output format.
  3. Select the layers that contain the volumes

The geometry filter will automatically populate with the volumes option.


Thanks for the question, and let me know if this helps.