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Export Reports

Is there a way export volume/surface/measurement reports?  If I fly a quarry and do a volume measurement, how do I generate a report that shows which piles were measured and the volume of those piles?


Hi Randy,

With Pix4Dmapper 2.2.22, it is for instance possible to import the map (GeoTIFF orthomosaic) into a third-party software and to overlay a shapefile (.shp) containing polygons corresponding to the measured volumes. It is also possible to export the numerical values related to measurements in a spreadsheet with the option to copy to clipboard.

Description of the Volume feature:
How to export a volume:
Processing options of step 3:
Step 3 outputs (including the georeferenced orthomosaic):


You should add a feature to export a volume report will all volumes in a project. Similar to the copy to clipboard, but export all volumes to csv or excel. I have a prjoect with 40+ volumes, copy and paste is not ideal.

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Hi Daniel,

This feature is highly requested and we reported this suggestion to our Product Team in charge of the desktop software. We believe this feature is among the top priorities that will be implemented in the near future.

Thank you for the feedback!

yes we need this kind of export asap. I have also more than 100 surfaces to import in Excel, it would save my time !!!





Thanks for letting us know!

Feel free to upvote the post if you would like to see this feature by clicking on the thumbs up button: 

Adding a comment will also give weight to the post and can give arguments to when we report the suggestions to our Product Manager. 

This is a feature I have been missing!

Web platforms like propelleraero already offers it, so I bet it would not be to hard to implement into a desktop software. 


I currently use this copy and paste method for over 100 surfaces every quarter. This is way too much effort, especially when someone want an extra stockpile added or removed.

Hi Aron,

Thank you very much for your contribution to this topic. I shared your opinion with our POs and developers. I have to say that this feature request is a popular topic in the discussions we have. This subject will not be omitted in the future. Therefore, if you can give us more guidance on how you would like the report to look like, please post it here. We would be pleased to hear your opinion.


and another…

I’ve read many of these feature requests that revolve around the exporting of volumetric data in almost any form (PDF, CSV, SHP, etc.). These requests go as far back as 2015 as I can tell. So please, can you tell us why this hasn’t been addressed? In response to almost every post, a Pix4d team member asks for more information. Asking for more information seems pointless. This seems like a circular way of putting off development. This is obviously something that is wanted by a large swath of customers but Pix4D has been unresponsive.