Export all volumes to table

The issue has been posted before, but i thought I would add one more voice to the fray.

For those of us doing extensive volume calculations, it is cumbersome to copy each volume measurement to the clipboard to be pasted in 3rd party software (Excel in our case).

At some of our larger quarries, we may measure as many as 40 - 50 volumes in a single flight. It seems to me there should be an option to copy all of these volumes at once, or perhaps export a full volume report from a single project to a .csv file.

Additionally, our workflow could be further streamlined if calculated volumes were also included in the attributes when exporting base surface polygons to shapefiles.

Please make these features a priority at the next release!!

Hi Jordan,

Thank you for your constructive, honest feedback.
We are aware of the importance of bulk exporting of volume computations. Pix4D is constantly working on adding new tools that will improve the processing and analysis of 3D data.

Have a nice beginning of the year and not only :slight_smile:



Same as: Volume Computing and Exporting

Please resolve this soon.

Hi again… Yet another thread asking for volume export. Any plans, nearly a year later?