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Volume Computing and Exporting

We mainly use Pix4D for getting the volumes of stockpiles.

Once the stockpiles are drawn in Pix4D, we take the calculated volume (cubic feet or cubic meters) and put them in an excel table to send to our clients.

To get the calculated volume, for each stockpile we have to:

  1. Expand the volume window
  2. Click on “Compute”
  3. Copy to Clipboard
  4. Paste in Excel

This is fine for projects with only a few stockpiles; however, we usually have 20 to 50 stockpiles per project.  So, having to compute and export each stockpile volume separately quickly becomes very tedious and time consuming.

It would be great if a “Compute All Volumes” and an “Export All Volumes to Table” buttons were added to the top to the volume pane (near where the “New Volume” button is located).

Another option is when exporting the volumes (to a shapefile), you could also have the calculated volumes exported into the attribute table of the shapefile.


Hi John,

Any feedback about your experience or information about features you would like to see in a future release is much appreciated. Thank you! 

I have just reported your need for our team. It will help us increase the priority of developing this feature.



I was about to post the same request regarding the attribute values in the shapefiles. We usually make a map with the stockpiles in QGIS, and add the volumes to the attribute table manually, which is a time consuming process when we have +50 stockpiles. Adding the 3D area, cut, fill and total volume as separate fields in the attribute table would be awesome!


Hi Arne,

Thank you for your contribution to this topic, it was also taken into account!


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Hi John and Arne,

When you say table, are you thinking Excel format, .csv, or something like a PDF that might be more “traceable”? And as for geospatial output, I know that QGIS will handle most formats - do you prefer something in a single file like GeoJSON/SQLite/etc or is a .zipped shapefile the best option? 



THIS IS VERY MUCH NEEDED! Sorry to yell. but it seems like dev misses this over and over with every new release. This is an essential part of many of our workflows and it’s really a beat down. Please focus on this. Please!

Hi Jared,

Thank you for your feedback. We will do our best to focus on this feature. 

In order to better understand the need, could you give us more information, similar to the questions Nathan asked in the previous comment?



When I was referring to a table, I was thinking of a cvs file because that can be opened in several different programs, including excel.  

For the geospatial output, I use ArcMap and a zipped shapefile would be the easiest option with that software.


Thanks for looking into this.

Hi Blaz,
I’ve read many of these feature requests that revolve around the exporting of volumetric data in almost any form (PDF, CSV, SHP, etc.). These requests go as far back as 2015 as I can tell. So please, can you tell us why this hasn’t been addressed? In response to almost every post, a Pix4d team member asks for more information. Asking for more information seems pointless. This seems like a circular way of putting off development. This is obviously something that is wanted by a large swath of customers but Pix4D has been unresponsive.