Customizing (Volume) Reports

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is there a way of customizing reports?
It would be nice if I could put our logo instead of / next to the Pix4D-logo in the top right corner.

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Hi @t.reuter,

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Currently, it is not possible to customize volume reports. I will move this topic to the Feature Requests section so that you and other users can vote for this request.
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Hi @t.reuter ,

Its not an ideal workaround, but you could export the report to HTML, then you can use any WYSIWYG HTML editor to to customize the header/footer.


I also have trouble sorting them.

The nummering and display on minimap is great!

But the volume sorting is stuck on the creation sorting, so i can’t work with it.

also the volume report is a overload of info!

Pleas skip al the diggeds and round of on 10m3, nobody is interested in that data.


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Also very frustrated by the lack of control or customization for the volume reports. I am continuously having to rename and redo the volumes in order to have the report make actual sense. Having the volumes input alphabetically or numerically in order, then exporting a report only to see they have been renumbered in reverse again is very frustrating. There should be some sort of user control on how the report is exported.

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Hi @andrewross,

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I shared your comments with the product team.