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How to downgrade the version of a pix4d file?

How to downgrade the version of a pix4d file?

Hello I have a file with version 3.1.23, but the license I have is 3.1.22. Do not let me open it, it shows an error e0400b

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Hi Wilzon,

If you go to your account page from our cloud website, you will be able to download the latest version that you have access to.


Hola, I’ve installed the latest version but it generates a lot of troubles and I want to downgrade on a previous version, cause I thing it works better

Could you maybe provide more information about the issue? Otherwise we can explain how to edit the .p4d file to open it with an older version although it is not recommended.

Were you able to install 3.1.23 to open the project?

I am also interested in learning how to edit the project file so I can open it with an older version of Pix4D. I have the newest version on my laptop and do most of the processing on there, but then want to be able to open the files on a different more powerful computer so that I can finalise the processing. The computer has Pix4D version 3.1.22.

By default the project files (.p4d) are not retro-compatible. We do not recommend to downgrade the software version but here is how you can open a project in 3.1.23 that was processed in 3.2.23.

  1. Open your project to be converted using the current version 3.2.23.
  2. Make a duplicate so that you keep the project in both version. In the menu, click Project > Save Project As… Name it to something like project_name_3123.
  3. Download and install version 3.1.23 (see the bottom of the page):
  4. Download and install the free app Notepad++:
  5. Open the .p4d of the project_name_3123 with Notepad++.
  6. Edit the p4dVersion and set it to 10.

  1. Save the edited .p4d file.
  2. Open it with version 3.1.23.

Hope it helps!