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How to choose the vertical coordinate system


I did a drone survey on the beach zone in south Olso. After analyzing the dataset, I found the elevation of output DSM ranged from 39-40 m. It should be 0-1 m relative to sea level. The base receiver was Reach RS2, the rover receiver equipped on the drone was GNSS receiver housing for installation on DJI Matrice 210. See more info. from the following link (TOPODRONE DJI Enterprise PPK Upgrade Kit + Sony RX1R II 42Mp).

I enquired the supplier of Reach RS2 about this issue, they told me I should set the coordinate system of Reach RS2 as ETRS89+NN2000 height (EPSG: 4258+ EPSG: 5941). If I set the coordinate system as they told, in the pix4dmapper (Select Coordinate System), I can choose the coordinate system of EPSG4258 in the Known coordinate system-From EPSG. But I can not choose the NN2000 height in the vertical coordinate system. Could you tell me how I can choose my vertical coordinate system because only MSL, Geoid Height Above WGS 84 Ellipsoil, and Arbitrary available?

Or do you have other suggestions about my coordinate system setting? Appreciated it very much if you can give me any feedback.

Best wishes

Hi Yalei,

The Vertical Coordinate Systems supported from Pix4Dmapper are:

-For MSL

  • EGM84
  • EGM96
  • EGM2008

-The Geoid Height Above WGS84 Ellipsoid
-And Arbitrary

This article can be helpful: Select Image / GCP / Output Coordinate System – Support
Since the NN2000 height is not available in Pix4Dmapper the workaround is to use the Arbitrary CS.

Another way to overcome this issue is using Pix4Dmatic which supports Vertical Coordinate Systems. You can start now your 15-day trial for free. You can download and install it from here.


Hey Nikoleta

Thanks very much for you kind reply.
I will try that, again, according to your suggestions.
Have a good day!

Kind regards

You are welcome Yalei,

Have a nice day.