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best coordinate system settings


i am still looking for the best coordinate system settings. The results should be in the ETRS 89/ UTM zone 33 coordinate system (EPSG: 25833) with heights in the official german height coordinate system DHHN2016 (EPSG: 7837). I even get uncertain about the image coordinate system settings (EPSG 4326) for images taken by the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The main question is, if it is useful/recommended/necessary to use the geoid heights above the ellipsoid? You can have a look at my current settings below. 

I am grateful for every hint!


Hi Martin,

The coordinate system you should use is the one in which the coordinates has to be expressed. That is the one you have to use as “output coordinate system”. As for the images coordinates, they are usually given in WGS84 (latitude, longitude).

If you want to get the result in ETRS 89/ UTM zone 33 with vertical DHHN2016 (EPSG: 7837), the best is to have GCPs so the project will be tied to this points after the adjustment.

I hope this helps.