Vertical Co-ordinate Systems

Hi Pix4D community,

This is my first post and I would like to know if there are any plans to introduce additional Geoid Models and vertical Co-ordinate Systems into Pix4D Mapper. I notice that this functionality already exists in Pix4D Matic.

My specific interest is in the Ausgeoid09 model used in defining AHD in Australia.

When using imagery captured using the WingtraOne PPK solution the ability to select the AHD as the output vertical Co-ordinate system in Pix4D Matic enables a quality check by using just a few checkpoints, without the requirement for GCPs.

In Pix4D Mapper however, I currently have to select the Arbitrary vertical Co-ordinate system which means having to deploy many more GCPs (measured in AHD) in order to shift my imagery to the correct height.

Thanks for any feeedback

I also have a Wingtra. My workflow is to convert the output csv from WGS84 / HAE to local grid / geoid using Trimble Business Center. Then in P4DMapper select your local horizontal projection and arbitrary vertical. Import the converted csv geotags.

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Thanks Andrew, that makes sense. We have a TBC license as well so that will work for us.