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How time consuming is creating an Orthomosaic with DSM/DEM?

Hi out there Pix4D (Professional) Users!

I have a small business providing landscape planning/GIS/Cad-Services for my clients. Until now I always buy the base-data (Orthomosaic/DEM). But the data ist often outdated and theres a demand for actual data. So Im thinking of creating my own data…

Now I have some promising projects and need to make an offert.

So my question is. How to you calculate an offert for the actual post-processing (without the flight)?

  • Do you offer your client a price per area covered or a price per hour?
  • How does the cost/area or hour decrease with the size of the project?
  • Does your calculations include processing-time (when your PC is working, but you can do other stuff aside)

May you can provide me with some example how you calculate your work


Hi Stefan,
Welcome to our Community!

From discussions I had in the past with our customers, my understanding is that they charge their work based on the covered area.
We also have some customers who charge their work based on the processing time, this is why we export the time it took the software to process in the quality report of each project: Quality report specifications

Let’s see what other customers have to say!
Thanks for initiating this topic