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How do I add MTPs to calibrated and uncalibrated images?

I have calibrated images abutting uncalibrated images. When I try to add a MTP the only the uncalibrated images appear. How do I get the calibrated images to appear so I can add MTPs to both sets of images?

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Would you please follow the steps described in
How to add / import and mark manual tie points (MTPs) in the rayCloud? If the issue persists, I would appreciate if you could send us a screenshot to have a better understanding of the error.

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But what happens when the uncalibrated images only show tie points on the images that aren’t even close to the actual tie point location?

Even when I add manual tie points, the calibrate button is still greyed out.

If I understand your question correctly, usually, you can correct the location by marking the right place on the images. I am not sure which “calibrate button” on Pix4Dmapper. Would you please upload the screenshot of it?

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