Is there a way to calibrate images

I have several images that did not calibrate and I cannot find a location to manually calibrate these images.

Hi @uas7 ,

I am sorry to say you cannot calibrate the images manually at the moment. It is something that can be done in PIX4Dmapper. Feel free to also share about your project such as the image content, size, oblique/nadir images, etc. We can suggest processing options for the calibration step to help.

You can also refer to this article if you haven’t read it:
We can also clarify any questions you may have about our articles.

Rosana (she/her)

Have you tried adding Manual Tie Points (MTPs)? It would be nice to see more of your project to know what possibilities there would be.

I am facing the same issue now, Mr. Pierangelo. I have used MTPs. To my surprise, i have tagged the 4 images, your support keeps telling me to use Image scale ratio 1/1 or 1/2, which does not add any value to the outputs. The output is left blank in the area where the uncalibrated images. DSM says interpolated, even after the interpolation, the output looks really ugly.

Can you show some screenshots of the area and more info such as what type of terrain it is (buildings, forest,…)? A quality report would help too. It’s difficult to help without more information.