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How to add MTPs between calibrated images?

Hi all,

I’ve been having trouble calibrating images in a number of my large (14000 images) rededge projects.  In particular, when there are blocks of poorly calibrated images, I’d like to create MTPs to tie them together.  However, when I add an MTP to one calibrated image, the only images that seem to appear in the right hand pane are the uncalibrated images, and the other calibrated images that (I think?) are from that block.  Is there any way to make MTPs to tie together calibrated images from (what i think are) separate blocks?  (btw, would be very nice to have a way to see which images are included in which blocks… it’s a bit opaque… really have to guess from the quality report…).




Pix4D v 4.3.31 Educational

Hi Alex,

Could you write us a support ticket with the p4d file, quality report and logfile to understand why the blocks are being created.