Help needed for Autel DragonFish XT711

Hi, I am testing the Autel Dragonfish with the XT711 camera.
I have created an XML and uploaded it to Pix4DReact, but camera is still not recognised.

I must state that I am new to Pix4D.

Is any one able to help on this ?

autel_XT711.xml (1.1 KB)

Here is the XML file I (naively) created. Probably some mistakes in there too…

Hi nathaimu,
Can you attach five images to this email? I can generate an updated XML file for you.

sure … which email ?

Sorry. To this posting.

Thanks a lot for the help. Here they are.

Hi nathaimu,
There are some problems with these images. The drone is not recording the GPS positions correctly and as a result it is not possible to process these datasets. I would suggest reaching out to the manufacturer so they can address the issue.

Yes indeed I know, I am in discussion with them to see where it comes from. Perks of being a test pilot. I have some files where I modified the metadata. They are all entered on one GPS point, to make it easier, but Pix4DReact still doesn’t take them.

Dragonfish_XT701_4.7_4000x3000.xml (1.2 KB)
You can try this file. But if they do not correct the geolocation then React, or any program for that matter, will fail.