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Help! Error in loading project

I processed the images in the different computer. I copied the whole project folder with the raw images. I then copied on to the hard drive of the other computer but it was searching the original location of image folder in the first computer.



Hi Anna,

In order to move a Pix4D project, you have to use the _ Save As… _ option. A new .p4d project file will be created and saved with the same information as the current project.
If you copy paste the folders into another location, the internal links will not be updated and you cannot update them manually.
For more information, please check out How to move a project from one machine to another?.

This also works most of the times:

  1. Copy the p4d file, the image folder, and the results folder and paste it to an external USB hard disc. 
  2. Move to another device 
  3. Open the project by double-clicking to the p4d file. It might ask you to indicate the new path for the images if the path is not automatically detected.