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Help! Desktop animation trajectory going crazy



so, I add the waypoints in the user recorded views as per the manual, but when i finish the trajectory is miles bigger than my model (by that i mean my model is a tiny dot in the centre of my trajectory) and when i try to view the animation its just a tiny model flying past the screen every few seconds! what on earth is happening?


Hi Helena,

If I understand correctly, it seems the camera is following the trajectory you created at a much higher altitude than expected, am I right?

  • How did you create the animation trajectory? By User Recorded Views or by Computed Camera Positions and Orientation?
  • Check the Z coordinates of your waypoints (click on the animation trajectory on the left sidebar Layers and check out the table Waypoints on the right sidebar Properties).
    The XYZ positions of the waypoints are given in the output coordinate system of your project, so you can compare them for example to the ground control points (GCPs) coordinates if you have any.
    Also, try changing the Z values of the waypoints to see if it has an effect, as explained here.
  • Please post a screenshot of a side view of your project (use hot keys 1 or 3) where we can also see the right sidebar with the table of the waypoints XYZ coordinates.