Changing FOV (Field of View) in Ray cloud

I was experimenting with Animation settings and trajectory coordinates. I dont really know what I did but I set the FOV to be nearly a parallel projection. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get it back to normal 35 degree perspective.
How to control the FOV?
Also is there an easy (on screen) way to control the trajectory points? At the moment the only way I found is adjusting the tabular data. (which is very inconvenient)

yes, the only way is the tabular data, you need to change the omega phi kappa values, which is not easy, is easier to :

  • position yourself in the 3d view where you want to capture the camera and in the table of FOV, right click and add the selected as waypoint, then remove the mistaken one
  • create a new one and copy the table information from one to the other

aaa… … That is ingeniously ridiculous )))