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I have the 3d model but it's a tiny dot in a vast back space.

I can zoom into the model every time I open the project. The problem comes when I try to do an animation. 

The camera seems to be WAY WAY WAY far back. I have to zoom far out in order to see the animation trajectories. 

Tips, Advice? I feel like I need to crop some of the black space out and tell the model to start with a closer perspective. 


Hi Jason,

Not sure what is going on with your project.
However I can recommend you to use different navigation tools.
By using the first person navigation mode, you will be able to move using directional keys (arrows for example) and therefore adjust precisely the view you want for your animation. 

I can also recommend you to use this shortcuts to reach a certain view quickly:

Hope this will help,

Try defining a processing area, then regenerate your 3d mesh.