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Fine-tune animation trajectory

Is there a way to slightly modify a trajectory after the first playback? I would like to make the “camera” motion smoother avoiding unintended horisontal or vertical wobbles.


You can indeed add and remove waypoints after having created a trajectory for video animation. In the right sidebar, under Waypoints, you can right-click a waypoint to remove it or insert a new one.
If you want to insert a new waypoint, first choose a new perspective then insert the waypoint.

Currently, you can only edit an existing waypoint by changing its position value in the table in the right sidebar.

After editing the trajectory, you can click Play under Playback Controls.

If you cannot edit your trajectory with the detail you need, I recommend you delete your trajectory and start over.

I hope this helps!

Thanks !
The default color of a waypoint is grenn. A selected waypoint is light green, hardly visible. It would be great if it could be highlighted better.

Can a waypoint be selected by clicking on it in the “3D-window” ?

Hi Tibor,

To change the color of the waypoint or the trajectory, click on the Display Settings of the Animation Trajectories.

The waypoints cannot we selected in the rayCloud at the moment. They can be selected in the Properties - Animation Trajectory window.