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Hasselblad L1D-20c camera specs

I am new to this and just purchased a Mavic 2 Pro with the Hasselblad L1D-20c camera.  I flew a quick mission on the road in front of my house use some ground control points I set.  I brought those images into Pix4d and was about to start processing the data when I was asked very specific questions about my camera.  What I can find on line and in the data sheets that came with the camera do not fill in all of the boxes that Pix4d is asking for.  Any chance Pix4d has a database of cameras or does anyone know where I can find this information.  Thank you.


Dustin D Martin, PSM

You can use the beta version of Pix4D desktop, that does recognize the hasselblad on Mavic 2 pro. Click the edit parameters on the camera specs, then you can save as a new file you can utilize in non beta pix4d desktop.

Mind you there are documented issues with reading correct altitude values from the jpg files. I believe the horizontal is fixed, but altitude is all zeros, or negative numbers. People are suggesting to import images, allow lat and long to populate the form, then export as text file. Manually populate the altitude values based on drone flight plan, then import the file back in with constant values in altitude, then proceed with processing.