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Gulf Harbour Golf Club - Hamish Williams - Innovative Intelligence

Hi everyone,

Today, our featured project takes us to one of Auckland’s top golf clubs:

Sketchfab link:

We were requested by the client to obtain some aerial photographs of the Gulf Harbour Golf Club to assist in promotions, we were able to produce the 3D model which they have used to assist in site orientations for visitors to the Golf Club.

We originally started using Pix4D to capture investigation scenes for insurance claim investigation purposes. ie vehicle crashes, fire scenes. Using the same techniques for capturing these scenes we have been able to use the 3D model maps for site orientation purposes for clients for Health & Safety and Emergency Planning.

With all the different outputs Pix4D can produce we have been able to start serving different industries including construction, insurance, and schools.

We chose Pix4D because of its flexible user licenses and quality of outputs.” Hamish Williams, Director of Innovative Intelligence Ltd

Technical details:

  • Drone: Phantom 3 Professional
  • Flight planning app: Pix4Dcapture
  • Image capture strategy: Nadir flight plan together with a free flight orbit of the clubhouse
  • Number of images 212
  • Pix4D software used: Pix4Dmodel
  • Processing platform: desktop device
  • No point-cloud editing done

Enjoy your virtual visit, feel free to ask questions, share comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team

Hi there,

how would you go about doing a golf course? Double grid I was thinking to get some unter tree information…