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Drone mapping for pool and landscape design - Jim Wolfe - azPOOLz

Hi everyone,

Today, we have a pool and landscape design project:

Pix4D cloud link

The project in the words of its creator:

“I am a pool and landscape designer. I use a drone to shoot the imagery and PIX4Dmodel to create the 3D model of my clients’ house and property, I then use the 3D design software package VIP3D to model the new elements.

For this site, we used a combination of circular missions and double grid missions. We captured 138 images using a DJI Mavic Pro, then we processed the images using PIX4Dmodel on a desktop computer and trimmed out the areas we didn’t need.

After trimming the model, we imported into Sketchup and exported it as a Sketchup model so it could be imported into the VIP3D design software to model the new components, the pool, the decking, outdoor living areas and more.

After testing and comparing options, we chose Pix4D because it gave us the best results. The only editing we’ve done to date in our Pix4D models is trimming out areas we won’t need in our working model.

Before using Pix4D, we had to create the 3D model of the existing house and property features manually, from photos, survey drawings, and site measurements – now we just fly, produce the 3D model and start designing.

azPOOLz is a family-based design team with over 50 years of experience in design, drafting, and graphics. As we have a client base of designers all over the country that can use this 3D modeling system, we have launched a new service website in order to better serve this growing market with 3D models specifically for the landscape design world! So far we have clients in AZ, MO, and NJ using the service and interest is growing rapidly!”  Jim Wolfe - Designer & Drone Pilot at azPOOLz

Enjoy the project and feel free to share your comments and your own projects!

Pix4D team


It’s really cool to see how the model gets used after it was created in Pix4D software. Thanks for sharing!

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