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Petaluma CA Property - Real estate Project - aftertec advanced imaging

Hi everyone,

Today, we have a real estate project:

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This is the story of this project:

“We work with many successful realtors.  On one of our projects, we were asked to create a 3D model of the main house on this property and take some aerial photos because initially, the realtor told us the land was the great value of this property.  

When we did our pre-flight checklist for the aerial photos and studied the satellite photos of the property we decided it would be a good idea to do a site visit prior to our flight.  The property contained the main house, a detached garage structure, and two other buildings that had 3 different rentals, and a water tower.  

I met the owner of the property and he told me that the property could be zoned to build 30+ apartment units which would yield a big time rental cash flow. I also talked to the building inspector and other professionals on the ground.  Basically what I learned is that the land is what is valued here, but there were also some site use restrictions for the water tower.  It cannot be removed because it is a historical farm building.  

Given this situation, I knew that the realtor would have to find the right investor, who based on a deep understanding of the landscape would have a vision for the property.

The challenge was to create strong visual assets that allow a potential investor to discover  the property remotely and  to inspect the property without needing to travel to the location. A serious potential buyer could even import our file into AutoCad or other software for further discovery.

This is the perfect example where Pix4D is a game changer and makes our 3D imaging company stand out amongst all the real estate photography businesses in the area.

We looked at other software and found that Pix4D was easier to use pre- and post-production.  The app on the capture side does exactly what you want it to do. The service has been incredible. It eliminates the hassle and makes it easy to do business.

Technical details:

Device used:  DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Capture Path:  Using the Pix4Dcapture app we flew a circular, grid and a free-flight path to capture the assets for this project.  The free-flight path ended up being critical to this project - as they were the aerial photographs that the realtor wanted and when added the project gave more detail on the structures.

Number of images.: 100+ images

Processing: We used Pix4Dmodel on the Pix4D cloud platform, for processing and sharing the project.

While we normally use software like Lightroom and Photoshop to clean up images, we decided on this project that enhancing what we thought was not the main selling point on this property was moot.  The land was the gold mine here so the person with the right vision would automatically discount the aesthetics of the existing structures.

We were satisfied with the project as is and didn’t require any further editing.  We sent the final over the realtor and he replied  - ‘This is really cool!’”  Wayne Dunbar, COO, aftertec advanced imaging

aftertec advanced imagingis a 3D imaging and virtual reality company predominantly for real estate and businesses.

Enjoy the project and feel free to share your comments and your own projects!

Pix4D team