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Graphics card recognition/utilization

I am running dual graphics card - an Nvidia K4000 as well as an EVGA (Nvidia) GeForce 980 ti Hybrid.

Though Pix4D recognizes both cards in the resources area, it doesn’t appear to actually utilize the 980. My thermal/GPU monitor tool always shows 0% usage & cold temps. 

As far as I can tell, I have the most recent driver for the 980, but could you verify what that is, or perhaps some other reason why it’s not being used?

Dear Mark,

If you have multiple GPUs, we will not necessarily use all of them for processing.
For the first process, the less busy one will be used, which most probably will be the one not plugged in the display. When the CPU will start assigning the next task, it will check again which GPU is less busy, and if the one not plugged in the display (or the one assigned to the first task) is free it will choose this one. If this one is not free, it will assign the task to the second most powerful one. 

So, it seems that in your case, the K4000 is not plugged in the screen and it is finishing the tasks before the CPU assignes more tasks to the GPUs.

Best regards,



If I disable the K4000, and only have the 980 enabled, projects seem to run faster. Does Pix4D have any way of determining the ‘fastest’ card, and then using it? Wouldn’t the faster card be the one with more CUDA cores?

Could you please let us know which GPU is connected to the display? Also, it would be interesting to have the log files of the projects when running with both GPUs enabled and when running with the 980 one.
If you have the log files, you can send them to us at

Best regards,

Currently I am plugged into the 980, but I believe it was previously the K4000. Once I realized the 980 was the faster card, I disabled the K4000 and plugged into the 980.

I will run a project again with both cards, and then with the 980. Once I have done that, I will send in log files.

Thank you!