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GPS failure

Dear All,

I have been modeling my construction site almost 2 years with DJI Phantom 4 Pro. I use Samsung J7 with android. Same site same mission every week. All my software updated and calibrations are ok. 

After a small brief my problem is, from last week i am having problem with missions. I do all same but my drone taking off up to 30m altitude then it lose all the GPS and starting fly away out of its route. I did all i experienced so far but nothing changed. Than i delete Pix4d CTRL and Pix4d capture and reinstalled. i was succeed this time and completed the mission. I was thinking that problem was pix4d applications and i solved it with re installing. Unfortunately this week just minutes ago, i tried to flight 10 times but all was failed because it lost all GPS after 30-40 meter from ground. So i am without solutions now.

Could you please help anybody having or had these kind of issue before?

Thanks and have a good weekend

Yunus Emre

Hi Yunus,

Thank you for the details of the issue you experienced. 
From what you are reporting it seems drone-related. In a general case, using Pix4Dcapture, we suggest interrupting the mission as soon as an unexpected behavior occurs. Also, I can suggest going through all our basic checks and troubleshooting steps as it will solve most of the issue encountered if properly followed.

To troubleshoot, I would suggest:

  • Using DJI GO 4 and testing the drone manually to see if GPS failure also happens at the flight height you mentioned.
  • Using another third-party application than Pix4Dcapture to see if the behavior also happens.
  • If possible using another P4P to see if the issue also occurs.
  • If possible, linking the drone with another Remote Controller to see if the behavior still occurs.
  • Contacting DJI technical support.
  • Trying a clean reinstall of DJI GO 4.